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The Bert® 110- Vend: Smart on/off control for vending machines

Control vending machine energy use with Bert Vend

Control vending machine energy use with Bert Vend

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Vending machines keep drinks cold, so they’re ready to be enjoyed by customers. Facility and energy managers know that vending machines waste energy keeping drinks cold when buildings are unoccupied. The Bert® 110 Vend is a specially designed plug load

management solution that enables you to measure and control your nonperishable vending machine without interrupting the cycle of the compressor. Just plug you vending machine into a Bert® – Vend and you are ready to start saving energy.

Meet Bert® Vend

Bert® Vend has special intelligence that protects your vending equipment from turning off while the compressor is running. Since Bert® continuously measures energy use; Bert® knows whether a compressor is on or off.  When Bert® receives an off command as part of the daily schedule, Bert® delays the ‘off’ command until after the compressor has completed its cycle. Just run your Bert® for a few weeks to establish your base power usage case, then begin scheduling to measure actual savings.

Our Bertbrain® software application provides usage reports that measure savings by hour, day, week, month or any user defined time period. With these detailed power usage reports, you can easily calculate savings and determine the optimal schedule for your facility.


The Bert® Advantage

Bert® Vend has many advantages over products such as timers or occupancy sensors. Most importantly, Bert® can remotely control and measure your vending machines in mass via your Wi-Fi. Thanks to the simple mass remote control with Bert®, your vending machines can easily be part of a load shedding or demand curtailment program.

Most timers only hold a single schedule. Bert® can use multiple on/off times that will accurately reflect your facility’s true operational hours. When holidays or summer breaks dictate schedule changes, new schedules are sent to Bert® with the click of a mouse. Since Bert® is on your network, Bert® does not have to be reset manually like timers after a power outage.

Occupancy sensors may turn vending machines on when your building is unoccupied. Your drinks don’t need to be chilled when the cleaning crew or security guard walks by your vending machine at night.  Remember Bert® automatically measures your savings and power usage, but with an occupancy sensor, you must purchase and install additional equipment such as a data logger.

The Bert® Plug Load Management System

The Bert® plug load management system consists of the Bertbrain 1000M software application, your Wi-Fi network, and a virtually unlimited number of Berts®. By simply plugging your device into the Bert® you can remotely measure, analyze and control all of your plug loads. Bert® runs on your existing Wi-Fi network so you can control all devices in mass and schedules turn equipment on and off when buildings are not in use, such as at nights, weekends and holidays.

Learn more about how K-12 schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, state/local governments and retailers are managing plug load with Bert® by visiting www.bertbrain.com.